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Management - Work package 4


Work package leader: Ann Almqvist


Objectives. To provide resourceful management and administration of the project including efficient communication between participants and the EC, while fulfilling all legal and EC requirements.


Description of work. A project office with a Senior Project Administration Manager will be in place before project start. She will be working in close collaboration with the Coordinator and have regular contacts with the partners and the EC. She will be responsible for management and administration of the project. If needed, she will have help from legal counsel and others at the Grants Office at Karolinska Institutet to fulfil all legal and EC requirements. She will ensure efficient communication between the partners and provide assistance or advice regarding administration and reporting. The project office (the Senior Project Administration Manager and the Coordinator) will also be responsible to identify potential problems at an early stage and provide timely and effective solutions. They will also develop and implement a review and assessment structure to monitor project results with respect to objectives and report findings to the project steering group.


















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