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Data Collection - Work package 1


Work package leader. Per Hall


Objectives. Retrieve data necessary for valid dose calculations and risk analyses.


Description of work. Three parts are included in the WP. Firstly, a protocol for data collection has to be developed. Based on this protocol a computerised questionnaire will be developed to secure uniform and high qualitative abstraction of information from case records of Swedish and Danish women diagnosed with breast cancer 1977-2000. By using an Oracle database it will be possible to access the questionnaire via Internet from any computer after appropriate security measures have been taken into consideration. This will enable the abstractors to key enter case record data directly into the database. A manual, including detailed description on how variables should be coded, for using the questionnaire and training will be provided. Professor Hall will have the overall responsibility for this part of the WP. The second phase consists of establishing a Swedish and Danish breast cancer cohort of approximately 65,000 patients. The cohort will be matched to the nationwide registries in the two countries, that includes the Cause of Death registry, In-patient registry, and Registry of the Total Population holding information on emigration and immigration. This data set constitutes the basis for the cohort study of the project. Professors Ewertz and Hall will have the joint responsibility for this part of the WP. In the third phase women who developed a cardiovascular disorder will be identified. These women make up the cases of the case – control study and women diagnosed with breast cancer who did not develop a cardio-vascular disorder represent controls. Cases and controls will be selected under the supervision of Professor Darby.


















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